A close shave!

Here's some pics of Jax in his shaggy pomp. He is gorgeous and everyone adores his long, shaggy locks.
That was until Tuesday when Jax went for his first haircut. Its recommended that you cut your SWD pup between 4-5 months to take off its puppy coat as its adult coat comes through. So we took him to Tracey Wilkinson at Hampton Dog Grooming (below). Tracey has done SWDs before and was recommended, so at 1130h on Tuesday I popped Jax round to her home-based doggy grooming salon. We had a good look around meeting both Tracey (below on right with Jax) and Debbie. Jax had a good sniff and appeared very relaxed. Tracey is one of those doggie naturals. Jax just took to her instantly. After 10 mins I left him there. This was the first time he'd ever been taken anywhere and left. He's been left at home many times, but never in as strange place. A couple of hours later Tracey called me to say he was ready to collect. She said he'd been a real star, really well behaved with no problems. She then told me he was currently fast asleep in the holding crate! Now thats what I call relaxed!

Tracey with a shawn Jax and Debbie at her grooming table.

And this was the result - one bare dog! He looks very sad but he really didn't seem to be bothered at all. The only difference I could see was that he he could feel the rain and was constantly stopping to shake himself. He never did that when he was a woolly rug.

Despite not being woolly anymore folk still adore him. A few days on and his coat is already growing and starting to look wavy and he is still a very handsome dog - just not as distinctive as when he had his shaggy coat.

More pics will follow to show how quickly his coat grows and curls!

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