Jax's doggy training classes

Jax goes to two different classes at present:

Whittlesey, nr Peterborough | 01 733 204 118
An 8-week course run by Pam McKinnon at Werrington in Peterborough. This is a puppy only class and Jax is one of five pups -
Stanley (Cocker), Kissy (Cocker), Alfie (Lab) and Betty-Boo (Boston Terrier). This is a great class which concentrates on establishing the basics with one of the organisers to 2/3 dogs.

Fivejays Pet Care & Animal Education
Pondersbridge, nr Peterborough | 01 733 844 538

Marion runs dog classes in each week in Farcet, Eye and Coats. Jax goes to the Coates class on Wednesday lunchtimes with a whole menagerie of other dogs - should they all turn up on the same day I'm sure the hall wont be big enough! This is a much more general class, and whilst concentrating on many of the basics, its brilliant for socialisation. Jax is very nervous around other dogs and this class is gradually drawing him out of his shell.

Two different classes but very complimentary to one another. I recommend them both very highly.

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