Well, here he is. I've been asked to post a recent picture of the Jaxster. Here he is after his morning swim and we play on the meadow at our local country park to help dry him off before heading home.

He's now 1 yr 10 mths and has settled down a good deal in the last month or so. He's still 'in tact' and doesn't half show it!

We've going to keep is coat shorter. He's due back at the groomers for a clip in two weeks (last full clip was early April, so it looks like 3x a year rather than 2x a year. We get his paws trimmed monthly to get round the seed problem we had last summer (see here, here, here and here). We've only had one real incident this summer when I stupidly walked him on the fen the other week and then spent most of the evening pulling the offending grass seeds out of his coat!