Grass seed hell

Well, following on from the last post, we're in grass seed hell! Jax is confined to the garden - no walks on the fen, no swimming - but I'm still pulling seed after seed from his paws. So the garden seems to be no better than the wilds around here.

The lanced abscess from Weds has healed OK, but he now has two open, oozing wounds on two paws and is limping badly - he's clearly in some discomfort as his all demeanor has changed, and he must be getting fed up of not getting beyond the garden gate.

We're back to the vet in the morning (just praying he doesn't need sedating and them to keep him in again - another £76!) and we're back to the groomer (only just been for a full clip) for her to take the hair on his paws down as short as possible.

So, I'm wondering what other SWD owners do? Or do you all have neatly manicured lawns and gardens, never go anywhere where there is any sign of tall grasses?

Talking to neighbours and other dog owners locally, no one else seems to be suffering as much as this. Most say they find the odd seed embedded, a few have never found any, and when I tell them about the now dozens I've pulled out of him - not just seeds lying in his coat, but actually stuck in his skin - they're horrified. A friend who came round today was shocked at the state of his paws.

Not a happy Jax and not a happy me right now.

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