Sun, 29 Nov 09 - Jax's first night has passed!

Jax has already taken to keeping close to his new pack leader - Steve - and likes to follow Steve's house sandals and sleep by/across/in them! 29/11/09.

I was woken around 5.30am by Jax’s whining from the room below. He’d woken in the dark alone and must have been very confused. He continued for an hour before quietening down again. At 7.20am he was awake again and I went down. He was thrilled to see me after being alone. I could see he’d used his pen a few times during the night and the crate was clean. What a good boy! It was time to fuss him before his breakfast. I opened the crate door and he shot out and he was all over me as I lay down by the pen. He didn’t want to play, he just wanted fussing and giving me lots of licks! It’s amazing how quickly I’ve got used to it! Five minutes of fussing and I popped some food in his bowl – a mix of the breeders puppy food and an introduction to his new food, Burns’ mini bites. He still wasn’t over with the fussing and reassurance, so I continued to fuss him as I fed him a few bits of food by hand and led him to his bowl. That did the trick. He tucked in, had a good drink and then to the toilet. It was only then I noticed the two puddles on the main room floor. He’d been so excited by me coming down that he’d wet the floor a couple of times.

It was now time for play. We played together on the floor for a while when Liz came come. Again he was so excited to see her. He was straight at her slippers which he clearly remembered from yesterday. Liz sat down with us and the three of us played and fussed before Jax decided it was time for another nap – along Liz’s legs pinning her to the spot!

I went in to the kitchen and prepared breakfast. Jax stayed put and Liz obliged. 15 minutes later I called Liz. She popped Jax on the carpet but once he’d seen she had gone he was soon in the kitchen with us. He seemed very nervous although he’d spent some time in the kitchen yesterday. He sniffed around, tried to chew a few things and then Mum came in. Another familiarisation and he seemed more relaxed and flopped down under the table. He seemed restless and looking down at him I could see he was shivering. It wasn’t cold so I was sure he need the toilet. I’d popped some of his pee-soaked paper down in the corner of the kitchen just a few feet from him and which he had sniffed intently earlier. But he wasn’t happy. So I got him back in to the living room and he was instantly through the crate to the pen and a big pee! How fantastic. He’s learning some bladder control already as he wasn’t happy to toilet in the kitchen but was more than happy and very relaxed once he was back in the room he knew most and the crate and pen he had clearly taken to and settled in to immediately.

Its gone 1pm and he’s been so relaxed in the living room – playing and sleeping. When he needs a bite or drink he’s back in to the pen, drinking lots which is good, and again, whenever he needs the toilet, he makes his way back to the pen and relieves himself. Perfect! He’s fast asleep right now with his face buried in one of my house sandals – where’s he’s been for the last hour! He’ll be awake any minute so time for me to get ready for more Jax-time!

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