Mon, 30 Nov 09 - Jax's crate/pen and toys!

This is Jax's crate and pen. The crate is a 91cm suitable for an adult SWD - so plenty of room to grow in to. We bought the crate from our local Petsathome store.

The pen is an 8x 61cm panel pen giving him 1.2m square of space which we bought from our local independent pet shop.

He's got lots to keep him happy at play - toys, blankets, towels, etc - all very chewable. here's a run down of his toys and what he thinks of them!

A pink stuff kong for treats and chewing. Jax's fun rating 3/10.

A plastic chew. Jax's fun rating 5/10.

A puppy chew kong which you can also stuff with small treats. Jax's fun rating 3/10.

The cardboard inner from a kitchen roll. Jax's fun rating 7/10. We'll start stuffing these with treats as he gets older for even more fun!

Kong puppy wubba. Jax's fun rating 7/10.

Dead dried leaf from a house plant. Jax's fun rating 8/10.

Cereal packet (put treats inside). Jax's fun rating 5/10.

Jax with his soft toy monkey. We're using this as a treat toy and when he starts to chew our hands/feet. He just loves it! Jax's fun rating 10/10.

And this is what we get after an active play session!

So, a mixed bag so far with a couple of the freebies (dead houseplant leaf and cardboard roll) real winners, but the soft plush toy monkey used for treat playing is the real hit.

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