More of Jax's toys!

Jax with toys - typically sat on one whilst playing with another!

Rope and tennis ball
Jax's fun rating - 8/10
An xmas treat from our neighbour's he played with little else on xmas day! He stripped the tennis ball of its fluff within hours!

Football chew ring
Jax's fun rating - 8/10
Ignored at first, but now coming in to its own as he continues to teethe and he get's bigger and needs bigger and harder chew toys.

Plush toy
Jax's fun rating - 8/10
A dependable chew toy he likes to play with on his own.

We've thrown away the packet, but this toy was simply useless. It took Jax approx. 2 minutes to tear it open and render it useless.

Plush, squeaky dog - monkey replacement!
Jax fun rating - 9/10
Monkey's successor is nearly as popular, but not quite. It lacks monkey's very chewable nose.

The 'blue' chew - thrown away the packet so cant remember the brand.
Jax's fun rating - 7/10
He's already pulled all the string/lace things off which he likes to hew on their own - they get right in to the back of his gnashers.

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