Putting on weight

Jax was last weighed on 24 Dec when he went for his jab at the vets when he weighed in at 5.5kg. So, today at weigh in he tipped the scales at 7.5kg. I can't find any info on how much a 13 wk old SWD pup should be (only weights for adult dogs in books and online).

Jax's new game is 'steal the sock'. He has always had a thing about Steve's shoes, sandals, slippers, sleeping with his nose buried in one or just laying across them. He occasionally stole Mum's bed socks, but now he's found our outdoor socks basket in the bootroom, and as you can see above, if this sock wasn't dead already, it died of hypothermia by the time Jax brought it back indoors! My cashmere socks aren't made for this level of abuse! And as Liz found out, will he give them up? Not on your life. We've given up getting them back from him and simply wait for him to leave them unguarded and we whip them away!

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