Jax's new look

It was difficult to know when to give Jax his next hair cut, but we bit the bullet and had him trimmed down so that he'll be back to his shaggy best come mid-winter. Its amazing just how different he looks cropped, and just how light he is now compared to his first close shave eight months ago.


  1. Greetings here from Finland! I found your diary and now I have translated and read all of it. Your Jax is just like my new puppy, Höntti! Same colour, almost same marks and same face :) Consequently very handsome ;) My Höntti is 3 months old now, and he is very lovely and brisk little dog. You can find some photos of him here: http://s111.photobucket.com/albums/n126/hupiluppis/Koiranpoika/
    We both wish You, Jax and Your family very Happy New Year 2011!
    Yours Marja, Finland
    P.S. Sorry my lousy English...