Jax at 1!

A birthday portrait of the Jaxmeister.

Jax loves to swim now. During the summer it he was in the lake at Crown Lakes every morning. Now its autumn he wants to swim less which is fine cos it takes him an age to dry!

After his swim he likes to chew a stick.

A great wet look!

Jax in full pelt!

Jax's training is going really well. We're still going weekly to Talking Dogs training class. We're at level 1 coming on level 2 with a bunch of other critters. I'll try and get some snaps of the other dogs in his class soon.

He's still eating his Orijen food, now on adult mix of course, and mixed in with some James Wellbeloved. He still loves his natures:menu treats but for training we mix these with cheese - he likes a bit of cheese!

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