What does Jax eat?

Jax was on Purina with the breeder and we first weaned him on to Burns mini bits but after reading up on puppy food we are now in the process of weaning him on to Orijen Puppy food which he has as a 50/50 mix with Burns.

The Dog Food Analysis website is excellent, and Orijen is only one of three dry puppy foods they recommend and it is the only one I can get in the UK! Luckily, a local pet shop (The Pet Shop, Ramsey) is the Orijen area stockist and they also highly recommended it saying it was now their top-selling premium dog food. And I'm not surprised. If you care about what goes into your own body you should care about what you put in to your dogs. And Orijen contains nowt but top dog ingredients - meat and eggs from free-range livestock, wild fish, etc (70% meat, 25% fruit, 0% grain). Absolutely bob on! And he's looking great on it and has started to fill out.

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