Treats for Jax!

Before we got Jax we bought some puppy treats from Pets At Home. They included Kong bites and some puppy chewy biscuit things. They were both OK, but I wasn't exactly pleased with Jax's ambivalence towards them. They sounded good when put in things - made a good rattle sound, but I could tell it wasn't like giving me a fizzy cola chew as a kid!

So, when I went over to The Pet Shop in Ramsey to collect Jax's new Orijen puppy food, I asked the pet shop owner what treats he recommended. Without hesitation he reached for the natures:menu treats. Oh, and he isn't wrong! Jax goes nuts for them! He can now even tell the rustle of the treat bags from other bags! We use them in empty toilet rolls, those small yogurt drink bottles and in his kongs - they keep him occupied for, well, minutes! I've even managed to start basic sit training with them and he is just starting to work it out that when he sits and settles hi gets the treat! But all in good time.

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