Red hot!

Another good night and 7am get up call from the Jaxmeister. I went down and spent an hour with him until Liz rose. It was a howling gale outside and I gave Jax the opportunity to gauge the scene by opening the door to the garden, but the howling wind clearly didn't do it for him. He decided to wait. When the wind had died down later I took him back to the door and he went straight out and peed. So he's beginning to learn some control.

Since we would be in the house all day I decided to introduce Jax to the stove (above). He watched me make it - lots of new noises and smells for him. I kept him close and got him to watch the increasing flames behind the glass. His natural instinct to retreat was very strong but he kept returning and with reassurance was happy to be with me. Liz and I stayed in front of the fire for the rest of the morning and Jax was happy to be with us and eventually falling asleep - more in front of our feet than in front of the warming fire!

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    Rachel here, joint breeder of Darren & Tracey's Cassie!
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