Merry Xmas Jax!

Jax decides to steal our new funky mat for his own doormat!

Well, Xmas has been and gone but we've been so consumed with all the eating, drinking (Liz anyway), family, etc. there's been no time for blogging. The revitalised photo bug also faded and we find ourselves with few photo of Jax over the festive period! He did however have lots of festive fun. He continued to love the snow which stayed with us until the 28th, and we bought him a couple of new toys and some new chews (not we hasten to add wrapped as presents!) and others sent him prezzies. He also had lots of wrapping paper, ribbons, etc. to play with which kept him happy for hours.

Boxing Day and Steve's sister Heather and her two girls, Courtney (6) and Aimee (nearly 2) come for the afternoon. Aimee decides Jax's crate is just toooooo good not to crawl in to and play! She eventually let Jax back in! It was the first time Jax had met small kids, and after some initial nerves, he was soon settled and playing around with them. It was difficult to see which of them had more or less energy! They all just kept going!

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