Well, without wanting to appear complacent, I think we've nailed the nigh-time routine. Jax in crate. One of us spends a few minutes with him. We go to bed. Jax has nice quiet night and we go town to him at 7am. Job done! The next step will be toileting him during the night. Maybe in a night or two!

Jax continues to den under the stairs with his most ambitious addition to date. The large blanket above was in his crate but got soiled on the trip to the vets yesterday so was laundered. It was lying on the kitchen floor this morning until Jax came across it. 'I recognise that' he thought, "Its mine!'. So with a good bite and grip he grabbed the blanket and dragged it down the corridor to his den and guarded it!

We continued to crate Jax on and off during the day without any problems. No whimpering, just a sniff round then asleep. Hopefully he'll be OK now when I'm in the office from Monday. He spend much of his time asleep anyway, so I'll just have make his hours out of the crate eventful and tiring!

Garden toilet training continues to go very well with Jax coming out on command and the one occasion he he needed to go and it was spotted, he went in his papered area without fuss. I don't think he's far off going to the door when he needs to go out.

From Jax's point of view the event of the day was my disappearance for the afternoon. For today was The Posh - Peterborough Utd home to Swansea City. Lix said he constantly sniffed around and appeared to look for me during the day and was so excited and demanding of my attention when I returned home at 6.30pm.

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