Where did the week go!

Jax at 9 wks and weighing in at 3.7 kg! Thats 1.5 kg gain in two weeks!

Well, I knew that being back at work would restrict things. Even working from home and popping down to see Jax every 1.5 hours each day meant that I only had enough time to toilet and play with him and the blog had to go by the wayside!

The days have been pretty much the same routine. Jax gets through the night without a peep (still not the energy to commence night-time toilet training - but it will have to start soon!). We get him out of his crate anytime between 6-7am depending on what time Liz is up and due out. He is allowed freedom until 8.30-9am when he then gets crated when I go up to the office. I come down after 1.5 hours, then again at lunch, then again mid-afternoon. He's then uncrated for the evening from 6pm until bedtime between 11-12pm. He seems very settled with this.

Indoor toilet training was going fine apart from a wobble yesterday when he weed and pooed on the wood floor and was very restless with fast heartbeat. So something was definitely up. He was fine again this morning and no accidents today.

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