Jax finds his voice

Jax in day two of toilet training in the garden. So far so good! Note the collar - been on most of the day!

Well, not just a good night from Jax, but a great night! Not a murmur from all night, which was great as I for one was have one of those killer cold nights! Liz was up first and down to him around 6.20am and he was awake, but no noise! She fussed him and got him his breakfast and left him in his crate while she got ready for work. He whimpered a little until I went down at 6.50am and fussed and played with him for an hour before crating him.

Following a great night we had a great day! No indoor accidents and garden toilet training going great too! He seems to be enjoying the garden, exploring the different areas whilst he's out there - but he gets soaked on this damp days when the grass doesn't see enough sun or wind to dry. Still, toweling him down later is just as much fun - eh Jax!

The other event of the day was Jax started barking! During some play sessions he barked a few times as we played together with his monkey and wubba chew toys. He's sounding very confident in his new home!

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