Snow, snow, snow!

Last Thursday it snowed. And then it snowed some more! Good job we've got a 4x4 as our drove is treacherous now. Its snowing again tonight. But Jax discovered that snow means . . . . fun!

And this is typical of Jax - moving too quick for the camera!


  1. Hi - love your doggy blog!

    We actually own Jax's brother - Django came from the same litter and lives with us in West Yorkshire. Good to read that you're having some of the same experiences as us!

  2. Hey Bren

    Really good to hear from you. We have Jax's bro and cousin as regulars on here now! I presume Django (great name!) was one of the three cream pups. Please keep in touch.

  3. Django is indeed a cream pup, although we're not sure how long he'll stay cream when he can start going out properly and playing in the mud! We were interested to read your crate training experiences - sadly, Django has taken quite some while to get used to the crate and although he does now sleep in there, he spent the first two weeks howling all night. We're past that now, but he still gets us up at 5.30 every day! Conversely, toilet training has gone exceptionally well, so we figure you can't win 'em all! (Some days though, I'd trade the odd wee on the floor for a nice line in!!)

  4. Bren, email us via the contact us link on the right and we can chat in private!