Meet the neighbours

Another of Jax's favourite sleep spots - where ever my house sandals are - on my feet or not!

Overnight Jax continues to be a star waking only at 4am and 5am for about five minutes each time. He was asleep when Liz got up at 6.10am so she got him, gave him his early morning fuss and breakfast. He went back in his crate OK whilst she went off to get ready for work and I got up at 6.30am (a lot earlier than I normally do being a work@home hubby I can tell you!). I played and fussed the Jaxster and made sure he was eating, drinking and peeing - which he was, before crating him whilst I did my own breakfast and sorted out the kitchen (now a morning shore rather than my end of day chore).

Mid-morning, a real treat for us both was our work@home neighbour Debbie came round for coffee and to meet Jax. Introductions took place in the kitchen and Jax was great. He was clearly unsure at first, especially as Debbie will bring with her her own dog's (Keeper, a lovely long-haired golden retriever). Debbie being a doggie person new how to handle him, she got on to the floor and let him take his time and it wasn't long before his tail rose from between his legs to its usual cocky position! We took our coffee through to the main living room (Jax's realm!) and after a bit more fuss and play Jax soon curled up round my feet and showed Debbie that he's already a daddy's boy!

Debbie bid us farewell with Jax showing off to her that he can pee on the put down paper (well, he sometimes manages to!). I crated Jax for 45 mins whilst I got one with a load of housework and he went to sleep without a whimper. What a good boy! I let him out again over lunchtime including another visit to the garden where I got him to have a pee at last. I couldn't repeat it again later in the day though. But we seem to be getting the crating in to a routine which is the think I want to crak before next Monday and I return to my upstairs office and Jax will be crated between regular visits from me to toilet and play.

Weighed Jax today. The breeder told us he was just over 2kg at the weekend - he's 3.15kg now! No wonder he eats all he's food - we've only been giving him the recommended amount for a 2kg pup! We'll up it from the morning when he will be on the Burns mini bites only having now used up all the breeder's weening food up.

I took Jax in to Mum's room some more during the day, whenever he followed me into the kitchen I opened Mum's sitting room door and let him wander freely in and out. He's gaining so much confidence now around Mum, especially around the two wheeler she's got. He doesn't seem too fussed by them now, not even when he meets on in the corridor and it attempts to squash him against the wall! He's a tough wee nut.

The cold threatening to swamp me finally broke with a vengeance during the evening so I was grateful when Liz came home to bouncing, happy Jax, for her to take over puppy watch! I slunk off to bed at 10pm with the cold still worsening and left Liz to settle Jax down. Liz was worried that Jax was too alert when she eventually came up to bed, but after only a few whimpers all was quiet from below. But for how long? Would he sound his 11.30pm alarm as usual?

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  1. That's one luvverly little Jaxster! Such a cutie! The house training sounds like its going a treat. You'll be feeling stuffed up this morning Ste. Nasty cold. At least you'll be germ- free at crimbo! Wuff.