Jax's first visit to the vets

Jax getting lots of reassurance after his first traumatic visit to the vets.

It was another peaceful night in the Dudley household as Jax again sleeps through until 6.30am without a peep. Brilliant! Liz was first down to him and gave him his early morning fussing and breakfast. He had a new person to sniff and be fussed by today as Liz's brother Martin was over from Holland. He doesn't wear socks in the house and this meant free wash from Jax!

During the morning I continued to take him out to the garden to toilet and by the afternoon he was coming as soon as I opened the door and trotting out to his toilet area - what a boy! No accidents either, with just one indoors pee and that was in his papered area.

The big event of the day was Jax's first visit to the vet. I had to put his crate in the back of the car and take him on my own. I should have thought it through more, perhaps had him crated in the car the last few days with the engine running, cos he didn't like it! Not a jot. Well, I know few folk who themselves don't like the fen roads some are so bad - and some of our local drives are amongst the poorest I know in the fens. He soiled his cage on the way to the vet so was very shaken when we arrived. He got lots of fuss from me before we went in. The staff were great. Most hadn't seen a SWD before so they gave him lots of fuss. One of the other pet owners also fussed him and he calmed down to the extent he fell asleep in my arms! Our turn and he was as good as gold in the vets table. He didn't mind all the handling - checking his ears, etc for a thorough first check-up. Then came the jab - not a flinch! He got a treat from the vet for being a good boy and more fuss on the way out through reception. But then it was back in to the dreaded car! I spent five or so minutes with the tailgate and crate open fussing him to calm him him as much as possible. We went a different way as we had to go via the village to collect Mum's paper. He was at least led down when we got home but he was still very nervous. So, it was straight into his room and lots and lots of fuss to give him reassurance that everything was OK. After about ten minutes of fuss and play he was asleep - see, nothing to worry about!

The rest of the day was routine with outside toileting going very well and lots of play. The vet said we should introduce him to around 10 new things a day! Wow. I thought we were already overwhelming him. Anyway, at her word, and on the advice of fellow SWD owners in Ireland, Darren and Tracey (owners' of Cassie) he got a chunk of raw carrot. And Wow! what a hit. He demolished it in next to no time. I'll figure out other things he can play with over the weekend!

The other happening to mention is his new den area. Over the last few days it was noticeable that things had started to accumulate under the stairs, but today he emptied his crate of toys and my old t-shirt and deposited them all under the stairs (below) and then he dragged an (unwashed) bedshirt from besides the washing machine. Anything new also ends up there. I wonder if he has worked out that we don't actually walk through this area, just around it, so its a safe place for him?

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